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Who is Rich Spaulding?

I'm beyond grateful you took the time to read this section of the website. After all, there are thousands of real estate agents (and a handful of good ones) working in Georgia.

The truth is 90% of real estate agents end up out of the industry after three years. Isn't that crazy? 9/10 real estate agents fail. 

The reality is being a real estate agent is a difficult job. Serving buyers, negotiating contracts, writing offers, home inspections, appraisals, scheduling showings, etc. The best agents are able to juggle these tasks and STILL provide an amazing service without letting a ball hit the ground.

I'm one of these agents. Just for credibility purposes, here's a list of some recent accomplishments:

-109 families served in 2019

-90 buyers served in 2019

-67 first time home buyers served in 2019

-Top 1% of all agents in Georgia

-Inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame

-$22 million in total sales for 2019

Okay, now that you know I'm a successful agent, let me share my secret sauce...


I know, right? Corny. But love for my job, love for my clients, and love for my family is my secret. I truly LOVE helping people. I don't think anybody can really be successful at their job if they don't really love it.

I can tell you, I LOVE serving home buyers and renters. There is NOTHING like watching a first time home buyer get their keys at the closing table. It never gets old. 

When you are considering what agent to use when buying or renting a home, think about the following:

-Is the agent knowledgeable of the local market?

-Will the agent fight for MY wants and needs?

-Will the agent answer their phone if I call?

-Do I enjoy spending time with the agent?

-Does the agent truly understand real estate contracts?

Thanks for taking the time to read this section of the website. Please CALL ME and let’s chat about your home buying or renting situation. Let’s set up a gameplan to get you moved into the house of your dreams. 

All the Best,

Rich Spaulding