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    Home Buying Programs


    We’ve partnered with Motto Mortgage Outlet to provide our home buyers the most extensive list of home buying programs on the market. Here are SOME of the programs available:

    • Low/No Down Payment – This program is designed for people that have a stable income, 620+ credit score, or higher, but need help with their down payment.
    • Low Credit Score Program – Don’t have the best credit score, but still want to buy a home? This program is designed for you.
    • USDA – Don’t want to live in the city or suburbs? Is the country lifestyle your cup of tea? The USDA loan may be your answer. This is a zero down payment loan designed for people wanting to live in the country.
    • VA Loan – Are you currently serving in the military or have served in the military. You’re probably eligible for a VA loan. This is the BEST loan available for the consumer.
    • First Time Home Buyer Programs – The Georgia Dream home buying program can be a popular choice for many first time home buyers. There are several other first time home buying programs available for newbies.
    • Self Employed Programs – Are you self employed and want to buy a house? You’ve got some options.
    • Manufactured Home Programs – Want to buy a manufactured home? We’ve got a lender for you.
    • Doctor Loans – Are you a doctor? Did you know there are specific home loan programs just for you?
    • Home Renovation Program – Want to borrow money to buy a house that needs some “love” and use that money to fix it up? We’ve got you covered.

    Call us to hear about ALL of the home buying programs. We’ll find the best program for your situation.