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I’m so glad you’re here because that means you have a SERIOUS interest in real estate investing!

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably a real estate investor (or wanna be real estate investor) that is looking to add an investor-friendly real estate agent to your team.

Good news!

My name is Rich Spaulding. I’m an investor-friendly real estate agent!

I serve the investor proudly. Most real estate agents don’t understand our language. They’ve never heard of terms like cap rate, BRRRR strategy, buy and hold, or the 1% rule.

It takes a certain kind of person to deal with investors. Let’s face it: Investors can be needy. Investors can be heartless. After several years of learning the investor wants/needs, I’ve become immune to the deficiencies of investors.

I get it. You’re all about the deal and less about the relationship. Sure, you want a professional real estate agent to be on your team, but you’re not looking for a BFF (best friend forever). You’re looking for a pro.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I could brag and tell you about the 200 deals I’ll do this year with my team of seven agents. I could tell you how I started from nothing and built up a powerhouse real estate company. But, I’m not a bragging type of guy (see what I did there?).

Real estate investing, when done the right way, is a FUN wealth-building adventure. Sure, low-ball offers, negotiation, and selling for top dollar is my day job, but helping friends (my investor clients typically turn out to be friends) achieve their own goals is also my day job. And I couldn’t be luckier.

Thanks again for reading.

I’ve got a step by step process on how I help real estate investors like yourself. The first step? We meet in person at my office to discuss your goals. It’s crucial we lay out your goals, so everyone is on the same page. During that same meeting, I’ll walk you through how I can help you achieve those goals. If your goals and my expertise are a match, we’ll embark on the real estate investing adventure together. Who knows? We may even become friends while doing so!

My calendar and schedule are below. Find a time that works for you. Book the appointment. Our meeting should last between 45-60 minutes.