Services for Real Estate Investors

Here is a list of services I provide for real estate investors in Georgia:

ARV Estimates – The most common request I receive from real estate investors is the ARV (after repair value) estimate. When you work with me, you’ll find I provide you the ARV the same day, typically within a couple hours. In addition to being prompt, my ARV estimates are very accurate and conservative. I take a great deal of pride in my ARV estimates. My goal is to provide you with a number that is as accurate as possible. This service is FREE for all my investor clients.

Real Estate Investment Buying Service – Buy low and sell high, right? When you partner with me, your offers will come quick and professional. Increase the likelihood of a seller making a deal with you! Real estate agents selling a home WANT to deal with another professional. The entire buying process is much smoother. Your offers will be written by myself and will ensure maximum protection against any unforeseen mistake that could cost you thousands in the long-term.

Real Estate Investment Selling Service – My job is to find the one buyer on planet Earth willing to pay more money than anyone else for your house. Luckily, I’m very good at my job. When you partner with me to sell your investment property, you’ll have the ease of knowing what top dollar is BEFORE you decide to sell. I’m one of the very few real estate agents that can sell your home for MORE than what it’s actually worth.

Real Estate Investment Coaching – My clients use real estate as a wealth building machine. I help you build your machine by providing advice and counsel.